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Author: V.M. RABOLÚ

First published in the year 1998 and later translated into more than 40 languages, the book Hercólubus or Red Planet constitutes one of the most singular publication examples of the last decade.

In an era traversed by profound and inquiet currents, and often lacerated by the lack of sense and perspective, this text presents a totally new, unexpected and original point of view on topics central to our existence and our civilisation.

Carrying the spiritual inquietudes characteristic of the native American culture from which he originates, the author confronts in a decisive way and with a strong and direct style the burning - and more current than ever - question of the celestial body that is approaching the Earth.

Hercólubus or Red Planet discusses the existence of an enormous planet, five or six times larger than Jupiter, which from the far reaches of space will come to appear in our skies.

The topic is very impressive. The direct steps and clear words of V. M. Rabolú leave no room for indifference.

Descriptions of an imminent reality alternate with predictions on the tragic consequences of the inconsiderate action of man towards the environment.

The atomic experiments in the ocean, the destruction of the grand economic powers of our time, the events of climate and environmental change of an incalculable intensity, are contrasted with the backdrop of a prophetic and elevated relief with which we find ourselves before the mysterious possibility of a luminous extraterrestrial life.

Strong in his spiritual discipline and without any fear, the author confronts the contradictions of an excessively calculating science with certainty and sheds new light on issues, which have always tormented the existence of human beings.

Life, death, dream and revelation dominantly enter the pages of this small text, which propelled by a deep and unselfish Love, is ready to inflame the world.