V.M. Rabolú

"What I am affirming in this book is a very short-term prophecy, because I am certain about the end of the planet. I know it. I do not want to frighten you but only warn you, because I am in agony over this poor Humanity, as events will not wait and there is no time to waste on illusory things."

The author: V.M. Rabolú (1926-2000)

The author V. M. Rabolú (1926–2000) was born in Tolima, Colombia, and was above all an exceptional person, who dedicated his whole life to the service of Humanity with the intention of sharing and transmitting his universal knowledge to as many people as possible, having always in mind just one concern: to serve. It is for this reason that the publication rights to his work Hercólubus or Red Planet were ceded totally gratuitously to publishers selected by him.

Knowledgeable of the potential of the human being, he was convinced that the only way to achieve the transformations, that are urgently necessary for our planet, lies in the esoteric change of every individual.

The events mentioned in his work Hercólubus or Red Planet become more evident with time, as is demonstrated by the repeated warnings of the specialists of the international community regarding the terrible consequences of climate change.

Environmental groups and scientists around the world unanimously uphold the need to do something immediately to “save the planet”, which is our only chance of life.

Despite all that is happening, it is too little to overcome the elements that oppose true renovation, except if each of us plays their part, by realising practical and conscious actions for the achievement of the desired objectives, with deep and constructive results; and this is what the author would have wanted.

This is the reason why his work is assuming global dimensions, both for the deep and constructive impact, which it has, having millions of readers all over the world, and for the possibility of direct verification of its content.

Day by day, many people of all ages and cultures are developing the will to change in relation to themselves.

With his simple and direct language, V. M. Rabolú not only warns us, but also indicates a path to follow for all persons of good will, who are capable of evaluating, investigating and verifying the veracity of the message.

His work is not only to be read, but principally to be experienced.